08 Jul 2013
July 8, 2013

Can You ROK their World?

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We are coming up to the end of a very successful Mentoring programme with the year 10 boys of St Edwards school in Havering.  Our final session will be on July 18th when we will take them on an industry day outing and give them their certificates.
As part of completing the programme the all the students will be receiving an award. We hope to make up a goodie bag of gifts for them and this is where you come in. No, we are not asking you to dip into your pockets (well not yet anyway, but look out for a sponsored ROK climb in the near future!)
We are however, asking for any merchandise or in kind gifts you can get from your companies. Some companies will have branded stationery, others may have end of line stock or your company may even be willing to donate some of their prime merchandise for a good cause!
Anything you can get large or small will be greatly appreciated as it will inspire these kids to continue the great progress they have made so far.
To help, contact:
  • Richard on 07974168349
  • Denise on  07960146146
Many Thanks!
Denise Stephenson
Founder and Director