Just 3% of the most powerful and influential people in the UK are from black and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, new research from the Guardian has revealed.

The research, conducted in partnership with Operational Black Vote, which promotes the political education, participation and representation of the BAME community, and in consultation with academics, found that only 36 of the top 1000 more powerful people in the country are from ethnic minorities, with just 7 (0.7%) BAME women. In comparison, nearly 13% of the UK population is BAME.

The study found that BAME individuals made up, for example, just 2% of FTSE 100 companies and 7% of government cabinet members, with no police chief constables from non-white constables.

Commenting on the findings, Perminder Mann, the chief executive of Bonnier Publishing, said that it was important to raise awareness of high-profile careers. “It’s important to create more awareness if you want the best people. That might mean going into schools in areas with high number of BAM” students and talking about careers.”

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