09 Mar 2017
March 9, 2017

International Womens Day

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Happy International Women’s Day!

ROK wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day – Being Bold for Change

Discover Programmatic!


ROK are pleased to announce, especially on International Women’s Day, a new initiative in

Spring 2017 to encourage more females into the adtech industry! We will be working with

Infectious Media, a digital marketing company and ROK’s new school, Clapton Girls

Academy to help Infectious Media host an open day on the 11th May to introduce young

females from ages 17-19 from Clapton Girls into the world of digital marketing.

Under the banner of ‘Discover Programmatic’, the day will involve a number of senior

executives and members of staff from Infectious Media who will introduce, what we hope

will be the next generation of successful females, into the world of digital marketing. We

hope to work with girls from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not normally have

access to such opportunities as this, with the idea of increasing diversity and encouraging new

talent into the adtech field. There are provisional plans for ROK to continue to work with

both organisations to help to run this open day on a longer term basis, or extend it to provide

enhanced support to female students. This may be an ongoing feature within Infectious Media

as part of meeting its CSR objective-more details on this will be provided once it is finalised.

Details about our partner company, Infectious Media and the school we will be supporting,

Clapton Girls Academy can be found below.




Infectious Media

Infectious Media is a digital marketing company involved in ‘programmatic advertising’ – ie

the method of targeted advertising online. Founded in 2008, Infectious Media were one of the

first companies to trial ‘data-led’ advertising, using data gathered on where people shopped,

the sites they visited, where they went on holiday, to create a picture from which they could

implement targeted advertising strategies. ‘Space’ could then be sold to those needing to

market their products online.

Infectious Media is a rapidly growing company which is committed to creating a more

diverse workforce within the advertising tech industry. The company is therefore very excited

to host this campaign in helping to create the Future Females of the Adtech World!


Clapton Girls’ Academy

Clapton Girls’ Academy is based in Hackney and has existed in one form or another for

around 100 years. It is a state school with higher than national average numbers of students

qualifying for free schools meals and students with English as an additional language.

The school is a culturally rich, non-selective school committed to offering high quality

learning to students of all abilities. The school is part of a network which exchanges best

practice and is proud to be ahead of the curve in areas terms of the such as mentoring

support and behaviour strategies. Its positive progress score – the amount of progress a

student makes from primary school to GCSE in addition to what is predicted – is above the

national average.