Make your business ROK

One of ROK’s main objectives is to provide the tools required to help children and young people achieve their career aspirations, goals, and dreams – despite the difficulties that they may face along the way.

We work with businesses and organisations who provide work experience, work shadowing, open day and industry day opportunities. We are also lucky enough to benefit from donations and funding from business who want to support our fantastic initiative.

What are the benefits to my company of helping ROK?
  • The creation of a partnership that is tailored to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Opportunities meet and engage with the students that your funding is supporting
  • Regular updates on the impact of your funding
  • Invitations to unique ROK events
  • Public acknowledgement your support, including media coverage

If you’re interested in working with ROK or supporting us financially, please get in touch!

Too often children are put off from achieving their best, due to low expectations – from themselves or from others – or they are not provided with the information, support or encouragement needed to strive for better. Other times, they have the drive to achieve, but no idea how to go about it. These are all areas where ROK comes into play. We provide an avenue to bridge that gap between what looks unattainable or even impossible to something that may well become a reality, if hard work, commitment and a determination to succeed is applied.The next generation is something we all have to invest in. They are the leaders of the future, the next generation of movers and shakers! – Denise Stephenson, ROK founder and CEO.