Mentoring programme

The ROK Solid Mentoring Programme is a careers-based initiative which helps students understand the importance of their education, experiences and skills to their future.

We arrange for a varied group of black and Asian professionals to act as ROK mentors each year. These experienced and knowledgeable individuals help students to explore the concepts of success, independence and employment, explain the importance of a good CV and interviewing techniques, and provide valuable advice on finding jobs.

The Programme also helps mentees to understand what they should expect and what will be expected of them in the world of work.

We take on a maximum of 10 mentees per year and all mentors are DBS (previously CRB) checked. Mentees are chosen by their respective schools, and we work with teachers to decide the most appropriate mentor for the student dependent on their needs and possible career choices.

We run the Programme is run for a year, with mentoring sessions taking place once a month. All mentoring takes place at the school premises, unless otherwise agreed, and is supplemented by e-mentoring.

“One of the most important things that ROK has done is provide us with one-to-one mentors to help motivate students. We are really grateful for the time that the mentors give up to spend with our students. We feel that students are more motivated and have a more structured plan about what they need to do to achieve their goals.” – Sonia Rasul, Guidance and Achievement Leader Year 10, The John Roan School, Greenwich