If you have reached a point in your life where you feel that despite your career success there is something missing and you want to ‘give back’ but you don’t know how – ROKing it through the ROK Solid Mentoring Programme could be the answer!

We require new mentors for the careers based mentoring scheme that we are running in February and September of this year for our schools in Romford and Greenwich. Mentoring is a great way of giving back and there are benefits for both mentors and mentees.

Key outline points for you to consider are as follows:

* The mentoring sessions are held once a month, during the school day, on the school premises. Sessions are usually set for the afternoons and run for up to one and a half hours and are led by ROK Consultant, Richard Blissett.
* Each mentor will need to take time off from work to fulfil the mentoring programme – due to the schedule in place, three to four mentors attend each month on a rotational basis. This amounts to a half day every three to four months for all.
*The mentoring is supplemented with e-mentoring, ROK provides email addresses for each ROK mentor. There is no telephone contact between mentors and mentees.
• All mentors will be CRB checked – we aim to get this done prior to the start of the programmes but if this is not possible prior to the start of email exchange between the mentor and mentee. We are strict on CRB checks for obvious reasons. No CRB check, no direct contact with the mentees.
• All mentors will need to attend a training programme prior to the start of the sessions. This will be arranged by ROK.
• Any travel expenses, should you have to go out of your way to get to the relevant school, will be refunded by ROK.
• We would ask the mentors to really engage in the process and be on hand to help the students. It is a very rewarding exercise and the current ROK mentors have found that they benefit too.

For more information on ‘How you can ROK It’ through the ROK Solid Mentoring Programme please contact Denise by email: [email protected]uk  OR Click the link to download the Application Form