panelMentors are found in all walks of life: from parents to older siblings, family members, work or business colleagues or a friend. Mentoring is a very powerful tool which not only provides a significant life changing experience for the mentees, but also for the mentors. For mentors, seeing very positive changes in the mentee brings a sense of purpose and fulfillment rarely found anywhere else.

The ROK Solid Mentoring Programme lasts for a year and takes place at the schools we work with. The sessions are held once a month during the school day for up to one and a half hours.

There is a set programme for the mentees and the mentors participate and connect with their mentees during the sessions. The mentoring is backed by ‘e-mentoring’, which starts once mentors have been DBS (formerly CRB) checked as part of the vetting process.

The sessions are run by ROK mentoring lead, Richard Blissett.


1. What skills do I need?
  • to be empathetic and a good listener
  • to be encouraging and motivating
  • to enjoy mentoring young people.
2. What are the benefits for me?

While mentoring programs are designed primarily for the benefit of mentees, mentors enjoy rewards as well, including:

  • Igniting a spark in a mentee
  • The satisfaction of imparting wisdom and experience to others without a huge time commitment
  • Enhancement of coaching, leadership, management, and recruiting skills
  • Creating a legacy that can last a lifetime
  • Building your own communication and leadership skills
3. How much time would I have to give?

All you need is a passion for the profession and a willingness to spend a couple hours per month developing a relationship with a student.

4. How do I apply to volunteer?

Contact us using our enquiry form and a co-ordinator will get back to you or download the mentor application form.