Our vision

At ROK, we aim to act as positive role model, mentor and empower, and equip young people with the skills they need for life by sharing insider knowledge and experience.

Our offering

We provide young people with a source of positive identification from professionals who share similar experiences or backgrounds, and a valuable ‘touch point’ into select professions. This work includes:

  • Support and guidance as to the appropriate topics to study/non-academic routes to a profession
  • Advice and assistance on work experience or placements
  • Insight and information on select professions (for example, how long it takes to qualify, insight into the life of a solicitor, architect, photographer or barrister)
  • Possibility of mentoring support through to further education.
What we can achieve

Through our work with schools, we recognise that teachers have a challenging job. We, like them, are keen to see greater achievement among young people. Although we realise that the topic of underachievement and how to reverse it continues to be debated, we believe that young people can be empowered and encouraged through role models and, combined with the education teachers provide, better equipped to pursue a career.

We aim to work with parents and teachers to reach out to kids, to find ways of channelling and honing their skills, tapping into their interests, firming up their aspirations, motivating them and shaping their futures. We hope to be able to change the direction of the minds and lives of these children from, in some cases, pessimism and indifference to one of positivity and hope!

We hope we can work with key partners to help realise the dreams of the young people we impact and inspire.