Presentations and workshops

ROK provides hands-on information to students and young people about how to succeed in different careers.

We invite industry professionals and business people to visit schools we work with and talk to the students directly about how they succeeded in their respective fields.

We also talk to the students directly ourselves. Most of the professionals involved in ROK come from modest backgrounds – and their journeys have not been straightforward or easy. Their stories are motivational to the students, teachers and fellow speakers alike.


We arrange for groups of professionals to visit schools to share their stories about how they progress in their careers and give valuable advice to students on how to get into their respective professions. Previous presentations have included an introduction to the world of media, and an insight into law.

‘Thank you so much for coming into St Eds today to give your presentation The Power of Science. The teacher and students were delighted with your workshop and the teacher commented: ‘The workshop was really excellent – it was thought provoking, interactive and inspiring – everything we could wish for.’ Thanks again for a great workshop.” Mrs Glennis Copleston, Careers, Work Related Learning and Deputy Exams Officer, St Edward’s Church of England School.

Our workshop are more practical sessions where students are given tasks and practical exercises relevant to a particular profession to complete – for example, a mock court trial. The students are then judged individually or as a team on their performance. These sessions enables the students to experience a typical ‘day in the office’ first-hand.