ROK is supported by people who come from all walks of life. We have doctors, lawyers, engineers, photographers, managers, artists, legal clerks, business owners and those on the cutting edge of social media.

Each of the individuals involved in ROK has something very unique and powerful in their personal stories about how they made it. ROK provides a link between industry and schools – allowing those professionals and business people to share their stories.

We also run workshops on various topics, which is where things get more practical and the students have to do the thinking! For example, you could come up with a small project/exercise for the students, reflecting a task that you would be required to do in in a typical working day.

If you are interested in leading a presentation or workshop, please contact us.

1. What skills do I need to be a presenter?

Many of the skills that you already use at work will almost certainly be useful. Additionally, all we ask is that you:

  • have an ability to communicate well orally – you may never have done any public speaking before but it would be great if you are able to communicate points in an interesting and engaging way
  • have good teamwork skills – required if you are involved in delivering a workshop
  • are able to work under pressure and to deadlines (particularly when preparing for a presentation or workshop)
  • that you are personable
  • are reliable and able to commit some of your time to working with ROK
  • are fairly easy going and that you welcome the opportunity to expand your network of colleagues and friends.
2. What are the benefits for me?

Giving something back always brings benefits for people. It may be as simple as recognising that through something you have done a child who was on their way to a life of crime is now going to university. That is what drives us at ROK. Other possible benefits include:

  • Addition of new or improved skills for your CV.
  • The opportunity of widening your network, if you need help in a particular area, no doubt there’ll be someone at ROK who is able to help or at least point you in the right direction.
  • You will be helping to build a legacy. Our aspiration is that those young people will one day speak about the people at ROK who helped to change or shape their future lives in a positive way and that they will work with Reach Out 2 other Kids to do exactly the same thing for them.
3. How much time would I have to give?

We ask our co-ordinators to meet with us once a month. If you are involved in helping to put together a presentation or workshop you may be required to give, on average, around two to three hours a week for the preparation. If you are involved in an industry day, this may be a half day or a whole day, depending on whether you are assisting or leading it.

4. How do I apply to volunteer?

Contact us using our Enquiry form and our mentoring co-ordinator will get back to you.