08 Oct 2017
October 8, 2017


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Tee Max

Tee Max, lead mentor

My day job is… a supervisor at a Sainsbury’s Local. I was former a photographer, journalist, media consultant and TV presenter for ten years, before working in retail.

I became involved in ROK because… I’ve known the founder Denise for twenty-odd years, although I didn’t know about her mentoring charity – I was informed over cocktails and dessert in October of 2014. I got involved because I feel mentoring is the best way to help young people, connect their hopes and dreams, to a tangible career path in the future. And I really enjoy doing it.

I think the work ROK does is … hugely important. We all need that person, that guide, that voice of knowledge and experience, who can break down the barriers we build up, telling yourselves all the reasons we can’t do something.

My favourite ROK memory is … being asked to chaperone on the London Legal tour of the Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice, and hearing two of the students putting two prepared arguments, in front of a High Court judge. They were amazing and the presiding judge was very impressed.

If I could sum up ROK in three words, they would be … Empowering. Enjoyable. Exhilarating.