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Gowlings WLG provides legal career insights for Edmonton County students through ROK

7 July 2022

ROK was very pleased to host a legal insight event session for Edmonton County year 10 students on 6 July 2022.

Benjamin Obinali and May Yuen from international law firm Gowling WLG delivered engaging presentations to approximately 360 students, enlightening them on the personal and technical skills required in a legal career as well as sharing helpful stories on the various routes into law.

The session began with the speakers giving an ‘elevator pitch’ explaining their roles and why they chose a career in law, followed by a law pop quiz. The event also included a competitive exercise with the winning team receiving a box of sweets as their prize!

May Yuen commented: “I really enjoyed the challenge of presenting day-to-day legal issues in an engaging and accessible way. It was great to hear the students' insightful contributions to our questions.

"I hope that sharing our personal journeys into law as well as highlighting the other new and unconventional routes available demystified the career a little further and inspires students to look into law as an interesting and attainable option in their futures. It was great hearing about the work being done at ROK, as well as the various opportunities Grace has been working on for her students at Edmonton County School. I hope our paths cross again soon!”

Benjamin Obinali said: “I thoroughly enjoyed presenting to the students and I certainly found the session extremely rewarding. It was great to see how engaged the students were and I was pleased that we were able to pique their interest so early on and have them thinking, and in some instances, planning for a career in law! I admire the work ROK does, and I look forward to being involved again at some point.”

Many thanks to the team at Edmonton County School and the professionals from Gowling WLG who supported ROK in making this event successful.

Gowlings WLG provides legal career insights for Edmonton County students through ROK: News
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