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Make your school ROK

Make your school ROK: Membership

Connecting education and industry

ROK brings together black and brown professionals, most of who grew up in working-class or modest backgrounds, to work with schools across London to help children and young people believe in themselves, achieve despite the odds and succeed in their career aspirations.

We are passionate about encouraging  children and young people from diverse and/or from low-income homes to strive for more in life and supporting them to the realisation of their career goals.

We feel it is vital for them to have access to people from the world of work so that they can learn from their experience and knowledge. By bringing the industry to the schools, we are able to meet this requirement in an effective way.

We have many positive testimonials from the schools we have worked with which demonstrate the impact of collaborative working between schools and industry, and the positive effects that ROK is having on the lives of the young people we support.

We work very closely with teachers to identify early on what the key issues for the schools are and how we can help address them. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

During the Covid-19 pandemic and due to restrictions, we are currently offering our services virtually.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch

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