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ROK endorsements

Here's what our students and schools have said about us!

"Happy with my results! Could you pass this on to my mentor please - he helped me incredibly, definitely one of my biggest motivators during the exam period! Going to sixth form! 2 A's 5 B's 4 C'S! Onwards and upwards."

A very happy ROK mentee

ROK endorsements: Testimonials

Here's what our partners have said about us!

"Stating that the professions need to be broadly representative of society in all its diversity is stating the obvious. The Bar is no exception.

"How to achieve this, however, is not quite so straightforward. The first hurdle is often the perception that the Bar is inaccessible to outsiders, that you need contacts, and in fact that the whole set-up is a bit forbidding.

"The best way of addressing that perception is to expose students to the reality of it. A visit to an Inn of Court will, I hope, go some way to dispelling the notion that “people like us” would not be welcome in the world of the Bar.

"When ROK brought a group of students to the Middle Temple on 13 December 2018, they were very keen to find out what was involved in training for the Bar. It didn’t take long for them to feel comfortable, ask questions, and take selfies with a wig on. Having lunch in Hall rounded off the experience nicely. (Not entirely facetiously, I feel Harry Potter has done much to make Hall a lot less intimidating: everybody loves Hogwarts.)

"I like to think the students left feeling much more at ease with the whole thing, and I look forward to seeing some of them back at the Inn on the Open Day for Schools and Universities on 23 March 2019."

Director of Education, Middle Temple, London

ROK endorsements: Testimonials
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