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About us

We work to improve diversity, racial inclusion and social mobility by working with schools and partner companies to create opportunities for young people.

Members of ROK have seen firsthand that there are key areas where racial prejudice and injustice thrives in the UK: in the criminal justice system, health, education and employment. We know the negative impacts that racism has on public health and society as a whole and Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on this issue very starkly.

Our 10 years as a charity, and the combined lived experience of our trustees and stakeholders see us in a very strong position to effect change in these areas.

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What we do

Reducing racial inequality and improving social mobility

We provide a direct link between professionals and young people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to connect with them.

Following the legacy of austerity measures and the Covid-19 pandemic, our work is more critical than ever before. 

Many students, and particularly those from working-class backgrounds and/or diverse communities, are not aware of the full spectrum of careers available to them, and do not know what steps to take to achieve their goals. Many also believe that certain industries and roles are accessible only to a privileged few, a perception that often acts as an immediate deterrent.

ROK seeks to address this serious need.

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Our work

Creating opportunities for children and young people

We have been supported by a range of high-profile companies including Barclays, Ford, the Telegraph, The Garden Productions (part of ITV), The Brewery (events management) Universal Music, Infectious Media (digital programmatics) and Google through the the Black Googlers Network. 

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, we were approached by a number of further companies to help them increase diversity in their industries.

Working with these companies, we have arranged for students to visit professionals offices or take part in online sessions, giving them a ‘behind the scenes peek’ into various industries – some of them for the first time – providing a unique insight into the world of work.

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ROK Annual Report

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High Fives

Our vision

ROK’s aim is to inspire and positively impact upon the lives of children and young people from diverse and lower income families, to enable them to Believe in themselves, Achieve despite the odds and Succeed in their career aspirations.

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