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Volunteering with ROK

Make a difference

If you are looking for opportunities to give something back to the community or to work with young people, then you’ve come to the right place!

We are always looking for black and Asian professionals, business people and those with real life experiences that can motivate, inspire and encourage children and young people.

To become a volunteer with ROK, we don’t need you to have as many qualifications as there are letters in the alphabet, or a skill set as varied as Barack Obama’s, or even the same level of business acumen as Richard Branson (although that would be great!). We welcome people who have:

  • succeeded in their career aspirations or businesses, or are on the way to doing so

  • valuable real-life experiences that they can pass on to the younger generation

  • time that they are able to commit towards helping others

  • a real passion for working with children and young people in order to make a real difference in their lives

There are three main areas at ROK where you can help. 

  • Co-ordinators

  • Presenters

  • Mentors

The ROK Solid Mentoring Programme is a great way for people to give something back. If you have the time, are willing to commit to the programme for at least a year and the ROK Mentoring Programme is something you would like to be aligned to, then please contact us.

Volunteering with ROK: Donate
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