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ROK attends Design Future London Prize Day with Edmonton County School

11 June 2024

On Tuesday 11th of June, the winners of the Mayor of London's Design Future London Challenge 2024 from Edmonton County School participated in the Prize Day.

The day began in Canada Water with British Land touring the new development, sharing insight on the dock and the area’s history. The students were privileged to speak with industry professionals on how they entered the industry.

The day ended with time spent at the Gensler offices, where the students took part in group activities and workshops. The students thoroughly enjoyed their time, sharing these words: "We've gained insight into the creative industry of architecture. It's been inspirational because there were many diverse participants."

We want to thank the team at GLA, Gensler and C40 Cities for putting together a wonderful Prize Day for our students.

ROK attends Design Future London Prize Day: News
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