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Anna Russell at Bupa

ROK organises school visit at Bupa

19 February 2024

Reach Out 2 Kids (ROK) was thrilled to be able to organise a school visit to the offices of our partner Bupa on the 19th of February 2024.

The event gave 15 students from Clapton Girls' Academy insight into Bupa and what they do, and the chance to tour their office. Thank you to Anna Russell, Sustainability and CSR Director at Bupa, for taking the time to be a guest speaker for the event, and taking questions from the students. 

Commenting, ROK founder and CEO Denise Stephenson said: “We’d like to thank Bupa, in particular, Jess Lisbon (Head of Community at Bupa) for organising the visit and Anna Russell for giving students from Clapton Girls Academy an enlightening talk and Q&A.

"We’ve been in partnership with Bupa for the last three years and we were pleased to finally be able to organise an office visit for our students. The students enjoyed the day and learnt a lot about Bupa as a company and the various careers within the organisation. They also learnt briefly how best to position themselves for work at Bupa and about wellbeing tips and resilience, determination and courage.

"The event was well attended and received so we’d like to thank Bupa for hosting our students and we look forward to more events like this."

ROK organises school visit at Bupa: News
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