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ROK student attends legal work experience programme at Browne Jacobson

27 July 2022

ROK is pleased to state that a student from one of its partner schools, Edmonton County School, participated in a legal work experience programme at Browne Jacobson.

The work experience programme, which took place on 27 July introduced our student to Commercial Law and Corporate Law as well as major skills needed to thrive in a law career.

The ROK student commented: “The Browne Jacobson work experience I attended was extremely helpful. It gave me insight into Commercial Law and Corporate Law which is the industry I wish to pursue. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the taste of what it is like within Commercial and Corporate Law. I hope to work with Browne Jacobson again as I’m considering taking an apprenticeship with them."

Nadia Ahmed, ROK member commented: “The award of another Insight Day goes to an enthusiastic student from Edmonton County School who has a passion for a career in law. Having already completed a successful work experience programme with Sharpe Pritchard and praised ROK in her speech during the ROK10,000 fundraising event, we thank Browne Jacobson for providing the opportunity for this budding lawyer to spend a day in their legal firm.”

ROK student attends Legal Work Experience programme at Browne Jacobson: News
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