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ROK students go nuclear on trip to Sizewell B and C

17 October 2023

On Monday 16 October, 20 students from ROK partner schools Edmonton County School and Clapton Girls' Academy took part in a visit to Sizewell B nuclear power plant and the proposed Sizewell C as part of a ROK careers day highlighting opportunities in the nuclear industry.

After a very early start travelling from London to Ipswich, the day started with a presentation on the importance the industry has on our day-to-day lives, which highlighted the fact that Sizewell is currently the most modern nuclear power station in the UK, the only Pressurised Water Reactor in the country and generates enough electricity to meet the needs of every home in the UK for 18.7 years.

Following a safety briefing and an opportunity to dress in Personal Protective Equipment, the group then took a tour of the Sizewell B site accompanied by station guides. The students were able to see the inside of a turbine hall and had the chance to 'hug a turbine' (which is easier said than done given their size..!)

After a talk from Jack Raven, assistant director at Sizewell C, the students took part in a short tour of the Wild Aldhurst Site, a nature reserve developed by Sizewell to protect and preserve the local habitat, where they were given the task of spotting marsh harriers and identifying strange local insects.

Commenting on the day, ROK founder and CEO Denise Stephenson said: “This was a unique visit for the students, most of whom had never contemplated visiting a power plant, let alone considered a job in this industry, which spans from engineering and construction to occupational health and security.

“ROK is really looking forward to developing its relationship with the Sizewell B and C teams to create opportunities for young students, particularly those from racially diverse and lower income communities where increased representation is needed. Those students may now see a potential future career in nuclear!”

A huge thank you to Sara Warwick, Sarah Osborne and Jack Raven and the rest of the team at Sizewell B and C for organising such a great trip!

ROK students go nuclear on trip to Sizewell B and C: News
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