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ROK unveils new student-designed logo

17 January 2022

Reach Out 2 Kids (ROK) has today unveiled its new logo, based on an original design by one of the students at ROK partner school, Clapton Girls’ Academy.

The logo was created as part of a student competition at Clapton to redesign ROK’s logo.

The winning logo was based on a design by Aasiya Salahuddin-Khan, which professionals at leading design agency Jelly London then adapted into the final design.

Commenting, Denise Stephenson, founder and CEO of ROK, said:

"We are so happy that we were able to include the students in the redesign of our ROK logo, which is so important to the organisation.

“We felt the winner, Aasiya Salahuddin-Khan really nailed the brief and that her design reflected all that ROK stood for. To ROK, this project was a practical example of what can happen when you engage with students and young people from diverse backgrounds, give them an opportunity to demonstrate their gifts and talents and you place your trust in them. 

“Thanks to those students at Clapton Girls' Academy who took part  for their hard work, to Nikki Storey and Rachel Castola for facilitating the project for the students. Thanks also to Justin Poulter and Chris Page at Jelly for their help and never ending patience in working with us to create a new, exciting, dynamic logo for ROK! We hope to use it for many years to come!"

Chris Page, owner of Jelly, said: "Thanks to everyone at Clapton for the extremely high level of entries to the ROK logo competition - picking a winner turned out to be a much harder task than we had expected!

"We are lucky enough to have Justin Poulter work with us at Jelly and he was delighted to see the winning entry. He worked alongside ROK to harness the wonderful winning design that was provided, taking its freshness, energy and vibrancy and giving it a slight polish so that it could be used across all formats and media. 

"Thanks once again to Clapton Girls' Academy for all your wonderful hard work and we look forward to setting you some more tasks in the future."

A huge congratulations to Assiya, and to competition runner-ups Saara Bondi (second place) and Sarah Sayed and Lydia Bilen Alonso (joint third place), and a huge thank you to Chris Page, owner of Jelly and Justin Poulter ( who created the final product based on Assiya’s inspiring original design.

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