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Image by Miguel A. Amutio

ROK awarded two spots at London Marathon

28 September 2021

We are so excited to be supporting two runners, Gerard Williams and Stephen Gummer, who are running on behalf of ROK at next month’s London Marathon!

Gerard is the Running Mayor for Kensington and Chelsea, running member and Ambassador for Emancipated Run Crew and first-time marathoner, while Steve is a partner at Sharpe Pritchard, the former law firm of ROK CEO and founder Denise Stephenson, and a seasoned marathon runner.

A huge thank you to both runners, and to Andrew Abdelmassih from London Marathon Events, who as part of his efforts to increase diversity and inclusion, kindly donated the marathon spots to ROK.

Commenting, Denise said: “We were so stunned when we found out we were being gifted London Marathon places by my friend Andy to raise funds for ROK. 

“Gerard and Steve are truly brave to have stepped up to this challenge – I personally know what it takes to commit to training for and running a marathon and it's one of the hardest things to put your mind and body through.

“The financial pledges to the guys will mean so much to the young people who we work with and who, through these donations, will continue to get access to professionals, companies and opportunities in so many ways. 

“We also hope that they get inspiration from Gerard and Steve and that one day, they too will be running a marathon to support ROK to help make changes in the life of young people from diverse and lower income backgrounds!”

You can donate to Gerard’s page here and Steve’s page here

ROK awarded two spots at London Marathon: News
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