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Sharpe Pritchard hosts Trainee Insight Session for Clapton Girls' Academy

23 February 2022

Law firm Sharpe Pritchard hosted a Trainee Insight Session for Clapton Girls’ Academy on Wednesday 23 February, where the speakers covered their experience of being trainees at the firm, their experience of the legal sector and their insights into obtaining a career in law.  

The speakers discussed their experiences of working in a law firm, detailing what they do on a daily basis, what drew them to the firm and provided tips for being a great trainee.  

They also talked about the legal sector, more broadly, touching on the types of legal areas, the various routes into being a lawyer and navigating the legal sector.  

Students at Clapton Girls' Academy also gained a valuable insight into pathways into law, including the process of getting into university, the experience of attending university itself and the Legal Practice Course and SQE/QWE.  

The aim of the session was to reflect the widening of access to the legal profession to help motivate candidates from all backgrounds who are seeking a career in law. A huge thank you to all the speakers, and the students who attended!

Sharpe Pritchard host Trainee Insight Session for Clapton Girls' Academy: News
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